Sentence Examples

  • The whole group is abundantly watered, and the igneous soil is marvellously fertile.
  • High, hollowed so as to be marvellously light and highly polished (Q.
  • The " structure theory " (or the mode of linking of the atoms) of carbon compounds, founded by Butlerow, Kekule and Couper and, at a later date, marvellously enhanced by the doctrine of stereo-isomerism, due to J.
  • Thus the "Nemesis," belonging probably to 1503, is a marvellously wrought piece of quite unflinching realism in the rendering of a common type of mature, muscular, unshapely German womanhood.
  • The coronation fixed for June in the following year was at the last moment stopped by the kings illness with appendi- ~ citis, but he recovered marvellously from the operation vii.

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