Sentence Examples

  • With the drying up of this channel and the closing of Sandwich harbour in the 16th century, the present marshlands or level to the south and west of the isle were left.
  • In the time of the civil war the marshlands in Irak between Basra and Wasit had been occupied by a large population of Indians, called yat, or, according to the Arabic pronunciation, Zoti, who infested the roads and levied a heavy tribute from the ships ascending and descending the Tigris.
  • East of the city it loses itself in the marshlands known as the Meadow Lakes.
  • Outdoor enthusiasts and history buffs alike may enjoy the historical landmarks throughout Colonial Williamsburg while taking to the trails for a day hiking or kayaking the pristine marshlands.
  • The name of Alkmaar, which means "all sea," first occurs in the 10th century, and recalls its former situation in the midst of marshlands and lakes.