Sentence Examples

  • The town is connected with the Lourengo Marques-Pretoria trunk railway by a branch line, 35 m.
  • Under a succession of liberal governors (especially Luis de las Casas, 1790-1796, and the marques de Someruelos, 1799-1813), at the end of the 18th century and the first part of the 19th, when the wars in Europe cut off Spain almost entirely from the colony, Cuba was practically independent.
  • Cenon de Somodevilla, marques de la Ensenada >>
  • In 1890 the construction of the Transvaal section of the railway to connect Pretoria with Delagoa Bay was begun, the line from Lourenco Marques having been completed to Komati Poort in December 1887.
  • By (1) the distance between Johannesburg and Lourengo Marques is 364 m., by (2) 370 m.