Sentence Examples

  • But these measures proved inadequate, and in 1533 the lord marcher, Ostafi Daszkiewicz, the hero of Kaniev, which he had successfully defended against a countless host of Turks and Tatars, was consulted by the diet as to the best way of defending the Ukraine permanently against such inroads.
  • The determination to limit still further the power of the executive was at the bottom of this fatal parsimony, with the inevitable consequence that, while the king and the senate were powerless, every great noble or lord-marcher was free to do what he chose in his own domains, so long as he flattered his "little brothers," the szlachta.
  • In 1536 it was grouped with a whole series of petty lordships marcher and the lordship of Builth to form the county of Brecknock with Brecon as the county town, and the place for holding the county court.
  • It was in the successful effort to open this treasure-house that Hamilton's mind received its final temper, " Des-lors it commenga a marcher seul," to use the words of the biographer of another great mathematician.
  • But the extension of the English borders in South Wales by the conquests of the lords marcher as far as Pembroke and Cardigan.