Sentence Examples

  • Hugh de la Marche, whose betrothed wife, Isabella of Angouleme, King John of England seized (thus bringing upon himself the loss of the greater part of his French possessions), was a nephew of Guy of Lusignan.
  • Marche, Nivernais.
  • To the north of the Oudeburg, on the other side of the Lys, is the Marche du Vendredi, the principal square of the city.
  • His dramatic work includes La Lepreuse (1896); Ton Sang and L'Enchantement (1900); Le Masque and Resurrection (1902); Maman Colibri (1904); La Marche Nuptiale (1905); Poliche (1906); Les Flambeaux (1912); Le Phalene (1913).
  • In 1316 he was created count of La Marche, and succeeded his brother Philip V.