Sentence Examples

  • It is used by perfumery manufacturers as an ingredient.
  • Before 1716 ordnance was obtained from private manufacturers and proved by the Board of Ordnance.
  • They are not, as a rule, supported by workmen or peasants, but rather by small tradespeople, manufacturers and farmers.
  • It is proportional, and is collected by deduction from salaries and pensions paid to servants of the state, where it is assessed on three-eighths of the income, and from interest on consolidated stock, where it is assessed on the whole amount; and by register in the cases of private individuals, who pay on three-fourths of their income, professional men, capitalists or manufacturers, who pay on one-half or nine-twentieths of their income.
  • The use of pharmacopoeia preparations made by manufacturers is allowed, but the seller is held responsible for their purity and strength.