Sentence Examples

  • The tradition includes other rituals, including the identification with deities, yantra (mandalas or diagrams used to awaken higher consciousness) and mantra (sounds and words as the focus of concentration).
  • However, with 100% wood decking there's always that annoying little voice in your head reminding you of chores that become the nagging bond you form with your outdoor space - the mantra that gets between you and complete freedom.
  • While selling their original and catchy phrase t shirts from the back of their van to fellow co-ed students while exploring the vast world, their company name, Life is Good, certainly became their very own mantra.
  • You might want to combine the breathing exercise above with a mantra such as "calm" or "peace" to help calm yourself down, or imagine your favorite place and feel the emotions of visiting that place.
  • The "slim is in" mantra may have started with the uber popular RAZR from Motorola, but the even skinnier SLVR has taken the world by storm for its thin profile, vibrant color display, and -- best of all -- iTunes music support.