Sentence Examples

  • Every one has his modicum of innate mana, or at least may develop it in himself by communicating with powers that can be brought into answering relation by the proper means.
  • The figure of Adakas Mana; Brandt, Mandaische Religion, p. 36 seq.) is that of Manda d'hayye (-yvWacs "wi s; cf.
  • Perrault also uses fee for anything that has magical quality; "the key was fee," had mana, or wakan, savage words for the supposed "power," or ether, which works magic or is the vehicle of magical influences.
  • In getting this mana for oneself, or getting it used for one's benefit."
  • The man with mana is bound to come to the top, both because his gifts give him a start and because his success is taken as a sign that he has the gift.