Sentence Examples

  • Spencer, "Mammalia of the Horn Expedition" (1896); "Wynyardia, a Fossil Marsupial from Tasmania," Proc. Zool.
  • Oxyuris, though chiefly parasitic in the Mammalia, occurs also in reptiles, Amphibia and one or two insects.
  • Although the scala tympani is so rudimentary, not reaching a higher level than in most of the reptiles, and remaining far below the mammalia, birds do not only hear extremely well, but they distinguish between and " understand " pitch, notes and melodies.
  • The only indigenous land mammalia are a small rat and a few curious species of bats.
  • 1 4 This peculiarity had led some zoologists to consider the struthious birds more nearly allied to the Mammalia than any others.