Sentence Examples

  • The ducks include the mallard, black duck, canvas-back and red-head; the Canadian goose, the snowy goose and the blue goose also appear during the migrating seasons.
  • Here, too, breed many species of ducks, the mallard, gadwall, baldpate, three species of teal, shoveler, pintail, hooded mergansers, and Canada geese; other ducks and geese are migrants only.
  • The game birds include quail (Bob White), ruffed grouse and a few pinnated grouse (once very plentiful, then nearly exterminated, but now apparently reappearing under strict protection), and such water birds as the mallard duck, wood duck, blueand green-winged teals, Wilson's snipe, and greater and lesser yellow legs (snipe).
  • Peabody Hotel This luxurious four-star hotel, known for its century-old parade of live Mallard ducks through the grand lobby, is located downtown.
  • Dr. Mallard wanted me to give you a call and schedule an appointment for tomorrow morning, first thing.