Sentence Examples

  • Classic Games: Concentration and memory match games, tic-tac-toe, mahjong, Bingo, card games, and slide puzzle games can all be holiday-themed by featuring candy canes, Christmas trees, nativity scenes, and other seasonal images.
  • There is also no explicit differentiation between beginner and advanced players, so it is not uncommon to head to a table filled with sharks, while you are still a relative guppy in the tank of Mahjong players.
  • When a tile is discarded by a player, you are presented with all the possible choices -- pass, chow, pung, kung, and mahjong -- but the game is not set up to remove the moves that you cannot do.
  • Mahjong Time calls itself the "first online mahjong club where the worldwide community of mahjong players can play mahjong anytime, anywhere without downloading any software."
  • The tables are arranged in "lounges" for beginners, intermediate, and advanced Mahjong players, so you can usually find a game with players with the same skill level as you.