Sentence Examples

  • Is the king who, by the instigation of the magians, put to a cruel death the prophet Mani, the founder of Manichaeism.
  • But the dominant priestly caste of the Magians, on whose support the king was dependent, were naturally hostile to him, and after some successes Mani was made a prisoner, and had then to flee.
  • Abandoned him to the fanaticism of the Magians, and caused him to be crucified in the capital in the year 276/7.
  • The guard of Magians mentioned by Aristobulus, which had to protect the tomb - eastwards of Persepolis, and by a curious confusion joins it to Ecbatana.
  • Outside the town are two tombs in the form of towers and the tomb of Cyrus himself, a stone house on a high substruction which rises in seven great steps, surrounded by a court with columns; at its side the remains of a guardhouse, in which the officiating Magians lived, are discernible.

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