Sentence Examples

  • Away in the East Cyrus had been succeeded in 529 B.C. by Cambyses, who had annexed Egypt and on whose death in 522 a Magian impostor, Gaumata, had seized the throne.
  • The real name of the usurper was, as Darius tells us, Gaumata, a Magian priest from Media; this name has been preserved by Justin i.
  • His death was annually celebrated in Persia by a feast called "the killing of the magian," at which no magian was allowed to show himself (Herod.
  • For occidental writers, Zoroaster is always the Magus, or the founder of the whole Magian system (Plut.
  • He gives a faithful sketch of the doctrines, mythology and dualistic system of the Magian Zoroaster.