Sentence Examples

  • The newest "it" accessory in Hollywood seems to be a "baby bump," and with the recent pregnancies of Katie Holmes, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Mariska Hargitay, rumors fly about actresses as they become seriously involved, engaged, or married.
  • Motion simulators can be disorienting rides, and just as the preshow indicates that Grampa Simpson and Maggie cannot ride due to safety concerns, park guests must also meet safety requirements in order to participate.
  • Essential Yoga for Inflexible People by Maggie Rhodes is produced by Body Wisdom and features routines that incorporate the use of props such as a chair, a book, a pillow, and a rolled-up blanket.
  • Beginner Pilates with Maggie Rhoades: Beginner Pilates DVD from 2006 which features routines of different lengths so that you can get in a quick Pilates workout even if you only have 10 minutes.
  • Consult the list before purchasing your dress because there are imitation or counterfeit Maggie Sottero designs that may not offer the same perfect fit or quality of an original design.