Sentence Examples

  • If they don't turn out the way you planned (or for some reason the look is too "striped" for your tastes), there's a quick fix: Have the stylist separate the chunks and add hair lowlights shades to half of each one.
  • Coloring: Some salons focus exclusively on hair color and dyeing, offering a wider range of colors and options for highlights, lowlights, and overall hair color including punk and emo selections.
  • Caramel highlights are very striking, and are a great way to add some sparkle and warm up your dark hair, or in the form of lowlights, can supply some needed depth to light brown or blonde hair.
  • It is also easy to cover gray hair with a beautiful shade reminiscent of your youth, or you can choose subtle highlights and lowlights for just a bit of color to accent your natural shade.
  • Hair highlights or hair lowlights shades add dimension and richness to your style without a drastic change, or opt for a more startling look and choose a completely different hair color.

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