Sentence Examples

  • The storm will inundate low-lying areas, with 4 million people at risk of flooding in the UK alone.
  • The hobo spider is a poor climber, so if one has set up residence in your garden it will most likely be on the ground, with its web suspended between the ground surface and a piece of low-lying vegetation.
  • Baby Argiope spiders make tiny webs in low-lying vegetation and are unlikely to attract your notice until they are mature.
  • Many campgrounds provide low-lying grills over fire pits, and these sets can be placed directly on the grills.
  • When the industry was first established, the land which was supposed to be best for the plant was hill or undulating ground; but now it has been found in the Surma valley that with good drainage the heaviest crops of tea can be raised from low-lying land, even such as formerly supported rice cultivation.