Sentence Examples

  • The best ones are a little bit thick without being cumbersome; fuzzy without pilling; and maybe a little bit colorful to add a splash of cheer and whimsy to your everyday loungewear.
  • A summer bathrobe can be worn as loungewear, after your shower, first thing in the morning and if you pick the right look, it can be used as a cover up to complement your assortment of swim wear at the pool or spa.
  • If you see a loungewear set you like in a magazine or catalog and if it's too pricey for you, here's where your sewing skills can save you some money while still outfitting you in the pajamas you crave.
  • While many other sleepwear and pajama makers are focusing on past designs, this designer is forward moving and pioneers new looks, new styles and even brings a progressive twist to men's loungewear.
  • A Pea in the Pod: Featuring designer maternity wear (some styles are favorites of celebrities), this store carries everything from loungewear to skirts of all lengths to cashmere maternity sweaters.

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