Sentence Examples

  • Rhine River: These sailing takes you through the Swiss Alps where you will be able to see the legendary Lorelei rock and a series of large, medieval castles right from the banks of the river.
  • The behind-the-scenes scrambling caused endless speculation and spoilers, particularly because Season Six ended on such a sour note for Luke and Lorelei fans.
  • The deepest point is opposite the Lorelei (Lurlei) Rock near St Goar, where it is 75 ft.
  • They are nymphs of the sea, who, like the Lorelei of German legend, lured mariners to destruction by their sweet song.
  • Here are the rock of the siren Lurlei or Lorelei; the old castles of Stahleck and Pfalz, which belonged to the Counts Palatine of the Rhine; and the quaint medieval towns of Caub and St Goarshausen.

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