Sentence Examples

  • Shortly afterwards Martos joined the dynastic Left organized by Marshal Serrano, General Lopez Dominguez, and Moret, Becerra, Balaguer, and other quondam revolutionaries.
  • Rivadavia resigned, and Vicente Lopez, a Federalist, was elected to succeed him, but was speedily displaced by Manuel Dorrego (1827), another representative of the same party.
  • The month of April 1870 saw an insurrection in Entre Rios headed by the caudillo, Lopez Jordan.
  • The contest lasted with varying success for more than a year, but finally Lopez Jordan was completely defeated and driven into exile.
  • In 1889 the association of the " Union Civica " was founded, and the organization undertaken by Dr Leandro Alem, Dr Aristobulo del Valle, Dr Ber nardo Irigoyen, Dr Vicente Lopez, Dr Lucio Lopez, Dr Oscar Lilliedale and other leading citizens.