Sentence Examples

  • There are eleven maisons centrales, nine for men (Loos, Clairvaux, Beaulieu, Poissy, Melun, Fontevrault, Thouars, Riom and Nimes); two for women (Rennes and, Montpellier).
  • Farkas (Pest, 1848-1851), Fogarasi (4th ed., Pest, 1860), Loos (Pest, 1869) and M.
  • The cathedral was built between 973 and loos; the gallery round the back of the apse and the crypt have plain cubical capitals of this period.
  • The Bavarian clergy invited Bishop Loos of the Jansenist Church in Holland, which for more than 150 years had existed independent of the Papacy and had adopted the name of "Old Catholic," to hold confirmations in Bavaria.
  • In Saxon times it had been worth loos., but after being laid waste by the Normans was still of no value in 1086.