Sentence Examples

  • Other parts included Lolita O'Shea in They Met in Argentina (1941), Louisa Frederici Cody in Buffalo Bill (1944), Joan Madison in Everything But the Truth (1956), and Elsie Waltz in How Do I Love Thee?'' (1970).
  • A Space Odyssey brought director Stanley Kubrick, already famous for Spartacus, Lolita and Doctor Strangelove, into close collaboration with sci-fi writer Arthur C.
  • Lola is a name with Latin roots that is often used to refer to a sexy, slightly sleazy woman much like the Lolita character in Vladimir Nabokov's famous novel.
  • Whether you are looking for a vamp, Lolita or Renaissance corset dress, eBay may be your best bet for women's vintage plus size clothing.
  • The Lolita look originated in Japan, and aims to mimic the doll-like look of children and young women from Victorian times.