Sentence Examples

  • Don't use an ATM if someone is loitering nearby.
  • She sensed danger and promise from the freaky guy loitering in the shadow world.
  • And when he came to the nut trees, and saw the shells left by the idle fairies and all the traces of their frolic, he knew exactly how they had acted, and that they had disobeyed him by playing and loitering on their way through the woods.
  • A form loitering against one wall straightened as he started towards the stairs.
  • In 1417 John made an attack on Paris, which failed through his loitering at Lagny; 1 but on the 30th of May 1418 a traitor, one Perrinet Leclerc, opened the gates of Paris to the Burgundian captain, Villiers de l'Isle Adam.