Sentence Examples

  • This leads immediately to the simple formula loge (p/po) = (t/90t/6)L/R,.
  • C. Ferrand, E loge historique de Madame Elisabeth (1814, containing 94 letters; 2nd ed., 1861, containing additional letters, but correspondence mutilated); Du Fresne de Beaucourt, Etude sur Madame Elisabeth (Paris, 1864); A.
  • If therefore we choose a quantity e such that log e I o X X= I, log i oe = X, which gives (by more accurate calculation) e=2.71828..., we shall have lim(loge(I+0))}/0=I, and conversely 'lim' {ex+0 - e x } 143= The deduction of the expansions log e (' +x) = x - Zx 2 + 3x 3 - ..., e x = I +.x+x2/2!+x3/3!-}-..., is then more simply obtained by the differential calculus than by ordinary algebraic methods.
  • = loge(P2891) =2.3 logio(p2/p1) (io) In the convective equilibrium of the atmosphere, the air is supposed to change in density and pressure without exchange of heat by conduction; and then PIN = (e/e0) n+1, d5 -(n-{--I) P -(n+I)R ' y - where is the ratio of the specific heat at constant pressure and constant volume.
  • 21rry/dx units, and the potential V at a point on the axis at a distance x from the annulus due to this elementary charge is ll2 2?rrc V=2 j o (r2+x2) dx=47rrvj log e (2l+1,/ r2 +412 ') - loge'} If, then, r is small compared with 1, we have V =47rry log e llr.