Log-in meaning

Signing in and gaining access to a computer, local network server, Web server or to a particular account. The login identifies the user, and a username and password are typically required. Although a password is not mandatory for a user's own computer or mobile device, it is always recommended. See password, username and account.Variations and SpellingAlso called "log on," "sign in" or "sign on," the action of logging in (verb) is spelled with two words: "please log in." However, the process (noun) is one word: "the login." In contrast, to exit the system is to "log out," "log off," "sign out" or "sign off." For example: "be sure to log in" and "her login name is allison77."
(computing) To gain access to a computer system, usually by providing a previously agreed upon username and password.

I would like to log in to check my e-mail, but I can't remember my password.


Origin of log-in

  • From analogy with clock in.

    From Wiktionary