Sentence Examples

  • LoveToKnow Dogs would like to thank Amanda Harper and Muriel Donald for taking time to share their expertise, and we wish them continued success in their work with all their human and animal clients at Living Well, LLC in Mobile, Alabama.
  • If your company is structured as a partnership, corporation or limited liability company (LLC), the decision to shut down must be made and documented in a manner consistent with the organization's bylaws or articles of incorporation.
  • The new theme park will be owned by Hard Rock International, but will operate under a long-term lease with Hard Rock Park Myrtle Beach Operations, LLC, the group that designed, developed, and constructed the amusement park.
  • According to NatureWorks, LLC, their revolutionary Ingeo product produces 43 percent less greenhouse gases and uses 48 percent less non-renewable energy than traditional polymers like PET, PVC, LDPE, PP and GPPS.
  • Critics note too that, while more independent study needs to be done on Hydrolyze to determine its safety and efficacy,its manufacturer, Longevity LLC, has made diet supplements that have been very problematic.