Sentence Examples

  • His apartments in the palace adjoined those of the empress, and his liveries, furnitures and equipages were scarcely less costly than hers.
  • The years after his brief course at the university were devoted to the practice of law, in which he achieved considerable success, being appointed, about 1623, an attorney in the Court of Wards and Liveries, and also being engaged in the drafting of parliamentary bills.
  • Masters and wardens were ordered to associate with themselves the honest men of their mysteries, and come in their best liveries to the elections; that is to say, the franchise was restricted to the "liverymen" of the companies.
  • Henry put it down with a strong hand, forbidding all liveries entirely, save for the mere domestic retainers of each magnate.
  • With Coke and many others; documentary records of various courts are exemplified in the Select Cases from the star chamber, the court of requests and admiralty courts, published by the Selden Society; and there are voluminous records of the courts of augmentations, first-fruits, wards and liveries in the Record Office.

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