Sentence Examples

  • It was a difficult operation, for the French and Spaniards had in all 46 line-of-battle ships to his 33, and in the exhausted state of the country it was impossible to fit his ships properly or to supply them with good crews.
  • Howe then concentrated his force of nine small line-of-battle ships at Sandy Hook on the 29th of June, and on the 11 th of July he learnt that d'Estaing was approaching.
  • The shallow water on the coast made it impossible for the British line-of-battle ships, or even large frigates, to press the attack on them home.
  • A confused action in a fog ended in the capture of 2 Spanish line-of-battle ships.
  • Napoleon continued to build line-of-battle ships in numbers from Venice to Hamburg, but only in order to force the British government to maintain costly and wearing blockades.