Sentence Examples

  • I have a feeling Lilly likes to party all the time.
  • It is mentioned in a comedy entitled Ram Alley (1611) and Lilly the 2 Various changes in the names of the taverns are made in the folio edition of this play (1616) from the quarto (1601); thus the Mermaid of the quarto becomes the Windmill in the folio, and the Mitre of the quarto is the Star of the folio.
  • Lilly, India and its Problems (1902); Sidney Low, A Vision of India (1906); R.
  • P. 483; Anstey, The Law affecting Roman Catholics (1842); Lilly and Wallis, Manual of the Law specially affecting Catholics (1893).
  • In England William Lilly and Robert Fludd were both dressed in a little brief authority.