Sentence Examples

  • The chemical is harsh on fabric, which is why most lifeguard uniform swimsuits are made from specially manufactured materials that don't fade or discolor easily.
  • At water parks, most of the employees are CPR certified with extensive lifeguard training, but the experience can be rewarding and the skills learned at this summer job may help them down the road.
  • Lifeguard apparel may be glamorized on television, but the clothing worn by the men and women who watch over swimmers is carefully crafted to help facilitate water rescues.
  • Lifeguard uniforms should be water-resistant or at the very least be able to handle getting wet on a regular basis without compromising the integrity of the design.
  • "We offer products that fall into two specific brands; Sun Shower, fortified with Lifeguard TM protection and Drenchers, fortified with Bodyguard TM protection.