Sentence Examples

  • It'd take a legion of liars to pull that big a bluff.
  • Among the Arabs similar associations of lucky and unlucky days directly connected with the influence of the planets prevailed through all times, Tuesday and Wednesday, for instance, being regarded as the days for blood-letting, because Tuesday was connected with lIars, the lord of war and blood, and Wednesday with Mercury, the planet of humours.
  • The Remonstrants were asked to file copious explanations of the five points in dispute (Sententia Remonstrantium), but objecting to the manner in which they were catechized, they were, at the 57th sitting, dismissed from the synod as convicted "liars and deceivers."
  • They further declared that all who affirmed that heresy existed in Bohemia were " liars, vile traitors and calumniators of Bohemia and Moravia, the worst of all heretics, full of all evil, sons of the devil."