Sentence Examples

  • The war with France at the beginning of this reign, with its attendant evils, quartering of troops, conscription and levies of money, joined with cattle disease and scanty harvests in plunging the land again into distress, from which it recovered very slowly.
  • The storm is swallowing up the levies, and we sent folks north.
  • Alva then advanced to meet the invaders with a large army, and at Jemmingen (July 21), with very slight loss, annihilated the levies of Louis, who himself escaped by swimming from the field across an estuary of the Ems. He now joined the army of his brother William, which had in October to beat a hasty retreat before Alva's superior skill.
  • The Italian troops, mostly native levies, numbered only 2200 men.
  • The 17th of July 1894, and garrisoned the place with native levies under Italian officers.