Sentence Examples

  • There's a chance the popup message isn't a legit system query at all, but rather works like a cleverly disguised ad that interprets any click as approval to install something malicious on your system.
  • Likewise, if you try a diet that seems legit but it makes you feel like crap, it's obviously not for you -- just let it go and try something else in your quest for flat abs.
  • Most are perfectly legit, but as always, be wary of tainted downloads (big zip files should be viewed with suspicion) and don't divulge any important information.
  • Before you check out our collection of legit websites that offer free cell phone wallpapers, first you'll need to learn that not all wallpapers are made alike.
  • Despite the deluge of fake free ringtone sites out there, there are a surprisingly large number of legit resources for free (and legal) ringtones on the web.

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