Sentence Examples

  • They were based, like many fascist ranking systems, on the Roman Legionary model, with a main being four men and one leader, a dizaine being two mains, three dizaines forming a trentaine, and so forth.
  • 45-- 55) a Roman legionary fortress, held by Legio XIV.
  • The legionary fortresses were large rectangular others, principally (it seems) forts built before 150, wood is used freely and only the few principal buildings seem to have been constructed throughout of stone.
  • 48, but a legionary fortress (Isca Silurum, Caerleon) was planted in their midst and by A.D.
  • The emperor returned to Rome and celebrated a triumph (233), but next year he was called to face German invaders in Gaul, where he was slain (on the 18th or 10th of March 235), together with his mother, in a mutiny which was probably led by Maximinus, a Thracian legionary, and at any rate secured him the throne.