Sentence Examples

  • The latter's enormous numerical superiority was neutralized by Sulla's judicious choice of ground and the steadiness of his legionaries; the Asiatics after the failure of their attack were worn down and almost annihilated.
  • 48) a colonic or municipality peopled with discharged legionaries, and intended to serve both as an informal garrison and as a centre of Roman civilization.
  • The demand for the nationalization of the great landed estates was thus not only supported as a social and economic necessity in order to provide the landless population, notably the legionaries, with land, but was, deep in the minds of the people, regarded as a legal rectification of the wrongs suffered through the confiscations which followed the defeat of the White Mountain.
  • The army was formed of the legionaries who had fought in Russia, France and Italy on the side of the Allies, and of those Czechoslovak troops who, on the collapse of Austria-Hungary, streamed back from the various fronts.
  • It was peculiarly the religion of the Roman garrisons, and was carried by the legionaries wherever they went.

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