Sentence Examples

  • The Cargo Pro Series 900 Hybrid Cover is marketed as being able to withstand "over 2000 lbs. or crushing force", though it probably melts into an acid pool at the touch of a toddler.
  • Granted, you won't drop 20 lbs in a week or whatever the tabloids promise this week, but a steady pound or two per week for two or three months is bound to show distinct results before long -- and those pounds will actually stay off.
  • If you qualify for this special discount rate you'll need to purchase a minimum of 250 lbs. of pet food, which is a recent reduction from the required 510 lbs. Orders of 1,00 lbs. or more receive an additional 5% discount.
  • Key points in determining the seriousness of symptoms are weight loss of over 10 lbs (4.5 kg), blood in the stool, and nocturnal diarrhea (symptoms that awaken an individual from sleep).
  • Iams ProActive Health Large Breed - for large-breed dogs that are 51-to-90 lbs. and are a year old or more; and also for giant-breed dogs over 90 lbs. that are 2-years-old or older.