Sentence Examples

  • While you have to learn how to launder cloth diapers, you don't have to learn anything special in terms of changing cloth diapers.
  • You can either launder in a washing machine on the gentle cycle (using a lingerie bag is a good idea) if the care label says this is suitable or you can hand wash in cold water with a mild detergent.
  • If you still aren't sure as to whether your cheap yarn is of good or bad quality, you can also try and purchase only one skein, crochet or knit a swatch, then launder and mistreat it.
  • That said, one of the great things about a camisole is that it doesn't cover your underarms, so if you're not sweating, you can wear it a few times before you have to launder it.
  • Remove carpet, launder bed linens in hot water, and keep windows closed at night and in the early morning hours to minimize exposure to outdoor allergens.