Sentence Examples

  • Two lateral tunnels were also constructed, making the total length 63 m.
  • To the outer end of this lateral wire a condenser was attached and the coherer inserted between the condenser and the earth.
  • When the lateral forces are too great to be controlled " climbing " occurs.
  • Trophosome (only known in one genus), polyps with two tentacles forming a creeping colony; gonosome, free medusae with four, six or more radial canals, giving off one or more lateral branches which run to the margin of the umbrella, with the stomach produced into four, six or more lobes, upon which the gonads are developed; the mouth with four lips or with a folded margin; the tentacles simple, arranged evenly round the margin of the umbrella.
  • The number of cells is not large (some 2 to 8), and as a rule they lie along the lateral lines.