Sentence Examples

  • Many people who enjoy reading books in electronic format purchase a Kindle or some other eBook reader, but if you like to read whole books online, there are plenty of free resources where you can do so right on your computer or laptop.
  • Whatever your reason for looking at tips for buying a first computer, you'll find terms defined that are easy to understand as well as the information you need to purchase your first computer, whether that's a desktop or a laptop.
  • If you're someone who gets restless sitting at home on your PC, a laptop will allow you to go to a coffeehouse, a restaurant, a bar--just about anywhere--and do things you normally would have had to do while parked in front of a monitor.
  • The typical Coach laptop sleeve will hold a 15-inch machine at most, but note that since the sleeve itself measures nearly this exact width, the laptop may fit extremely snugly (and therefore be slightly challenging to pull out).
  • With so many men toting their computers to and from the workplace, not to mention assiduous students who now shun ballpoint pens in favor of keypads for lecture notes, the need for stylish laptop bags is continually increasing!