PC Card Definition


More correctly, PCMCIA card. An add-in integrated circuit card that conforms to specifications developed and promoted by the Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA). PC cards are approximately the length (86.5 mm) and width (54 mm) of a credit card, but Switch CPU Power Supply Central Office Switch Line Interfaces PBX MDF Host Interface AP demarc Data Network PBX Tie Trunk CO Trunk much thicker, and fit into a slot built into a laptop or tablet personal computer (PC) or peripheral.Type I cards are 3.3 mm thick and are used for add-in random access memory (RAM).Type II cards are 5.0 mm thick and are commonly used for add-on modems, fax modems, and Ethernet network interface cards (NICs).Type III cards are 10.5 mm thick and are used for supplemental rotating hard disk drives. See also fax, modem, NIC, PC, PCMCIA, and RAM.

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