Sentence Examples

  • Genera: Testudo, Draco, Lacerta, Rana.
  • Lacerta l), a name originally referred only to the small European species of four-legged reptiles, but now applied to a whole order (Lacertilia), which is represented by numerous species in all temperate and tropical regions.
  • The common lizard (Lacerta vivipara) frequents heaths and banks in England and Scotland, and is locally met with also in.
  • A, Lacerta vivipara; b, L.
  • Much scarcer is the second species, the sand-lizard (Lacerta agilis), which is confined to some localities in the south of England, the New Forest and its vicinity; it does not appear to attain on English soil the same size as on the continent of Europe where it abounds, growing sometimes to a length of 9 in.