Sentence Examples

  • 14) naturally identifies with the child-eater Kronos, thus leading many moderns to make Molech the planet Saturn.
  • It is true that childsacrifice in connexion with fire prevailed among the Phoenicians, and, according to the Greeks, the deity honoured with these grisly rites was Kronos (identified with the Phoenician El, "God").
  • RHEA, a goddess of the Greeks known in mythology as the daughter of Uranus and Gaia, the sister and consort of Kronos, and the mother of Zeus.
  • There, according to legend, she saved the new-born Zeus, her sixth child, from being devoured by Kronos by substituting a stone for him and entrusting the infant god to the care of her attendants the Curetes.
  • Max Muller, for example, connects Kronos (Kpbvos) with xpbvos, "time "; Preller with Kpatvw, " I fulfil," and so forth.