Sentence Examples

  • Krebs, Zur Kritik Alberts von Aachen (Munster, 1881); B.
  • The learned Cardinal Nicolaus Krebs, of Cusa (Cues) on the Moselle, who died 1464, drew a map of Germany which was first published in 1491; D.
  • NICOLAUS CUSANUS (NICHOLAS OF Cusa) (1401-1464), cardinal, theologian and scholar, was the son of a poor fisherman named Krypffs or Krebs, and derived the name by which he is known from the place of his birth, Kues or Cusa, on the Moselle, in the archbishopric of Trier (Treves).
  • Hofer, " Ein Krebs mit einer Extremitat statt eines Stielauges," Verhandl.
  • The former was first deciphered and described by Dr Fritz Krebs, the latter by Dr K.