Sentence Examples

  • The Mahrattas at this time had got possession of the person of the Mogul emperor, Shah Alam, from whom Clive obtained the grant of Bengal in 1765, and to whom he assigned in return the districts of Allahabad and Kora and a tribute of 30o,000.
  • Warren Hastings, as a deliberate measure of policy, withheld the tribute due to the emperor, and resold Allahabad and Kora to the wazir of Oudh.
  • Count Joseph Teleki is famed chiefly for his Hunyadiak kora Magyarorszdgon (The Times of the Hunyadys in Hungary), vols.
  • 4 The rise of this new Judah is generally attributed to David, but the southern clans remain independent for some five centuries, only moving a few miles nearer Jerusalem; and this vast interval severs the old halfEdomite or Arabian Judah from the sequel - the association of such names as Kora.h, Ethan and Heman with temple-psalms and psalmody.
  • The provinces of Allahabad and Kora, forming the lower part of the Doab, were handed over to Shah Alam himself, who in his turn granted to the company the diwani or financial administration of Bengal, Behar and Orissa, together with the Northern Circars.