Sentence Examples

  • It is not clear that Greek took over � with this value, for in one Theran inscription e a are found combined as equivalent to T - H, while the regular representation of � and x f and K or 9 (koppa) 8 respectively.
  • The explanation is possible, but it is not easy to see why, for example, the symbol 9 or cp = Koppa, the Latin Q, should have been utilized for a sound so different as p-h; nor, again, why the symbol for 0 (e) by losing its cross stroke should become 4), seeing that the sounds of o and outside Aeolic (a dialect which is not here in question) are never confused.
  • It represents the Koppa of the earliest Greek alphabets surviving in that form of the Ionic alphabet, which ultimately superseded all others, merely as the numerical symbol for 90.