Sentence Examples

  • For blue options, mix a batch of frozen Blue Hawaiian cocktails for the non-driving adults in attendance and a pitcher of non-alcoholic Blue Hawaiian punch or blue Kool-Aid for the youngsters and designated drivers.
  • For red choices, whip up strawberry daiquiris with rum or vodka for the adults who want to enjoy spirits, and a virgin version or cherry Kool-Aid for the kids and non-drinking grown-ups.
  • Are you drinking cocoa out of a mug that is not amply illustrated with pom poms, or Kool-Aid out of a sport's bottle that doesn't properly represent your team?
  • Small details, such as an IV of Kool-Aid for an injured driver and Paul Reubens as a nefarious pit crew member, add to the fun.
  • Provide all the materials they need, some cookies and a pitcher of Kool-Aid for a relaxing afternoon of memory making.