Sentence Examples

  • American naturalists regard the big brown bears of Alaska as a distinct group. They range from Sitka to the extremity of the Alaskan Peninsula, over Kodiak Island, and inland.
  • Of the mainland, two groups - (1) Kodiak, whose largest island, of the same name, is 40 m.
  • In passing from the Sitkan district westward toward Kodiak and the Aleutians the climate becomes even more equable, the temperature a little lower and the rainfall somewhat less; 1 the fogs at first less dense, especially near Cook Inlet, where the climate is extremely local, but more and more persistent along the Aleutians.
  • Along 1 At Kodiak, the monthly means range from 28° to 55° with a total range from -10° to 82° F., as against -3° to 87° F.
  • There are black, grizzly and polar bears, and also two exclusively Alaskan species, the Kodiak and the glacier bear.