Sentence Examples

  • The extremely exotic flair of Koala designs might make you think they came from one of the more daring South American collections, but Koala Swimwear is made right in the good old USA.
  • For those men that aren't afraid to show off their assets, but want a slightly tamer suit, Koala still offers the standard speedo-type swimsuit bottoms, but in colors and fabrics that are still quite attention grabbing.
  • I play Charlotte, an albino koala bear, who desperately wants to leave her home and head for Hollywood to become a makeup artist, or to find any kind of glamorous Hollywood job assisting the stars.
  • Wombat, Koala or Australian Bear.
  • It may be added that there are some marsupials, such as the wombat, koala, marsupial ant-eater and the dasyures, FIG.