Sentence Examples

  • If your lingerie tag suggests that you hand wash your items, you'll need a bathtub, sink or bucket to fill with water and light detergent like Forever New, Eucalan or Stergene (as recommended by Knickers Blog.
  • Knickers used to be what all women wore under their skirts and, since they can be healthier and make you feel sexier, there is no good reason not to integrate them more completely into your regular wardrobe.
  • When you wear French satin knickers as they were originally intended -- with a matching bra, bustier, corset or camisole, combined with a garter belt and stockings -- you create a classic vision of femininity that never loses its appeal.
  • Gentry Lane of Gentry de Paris is an amazing designer and is such a god-send for Knickers -- she really believes in the site, and is always giving me ideas and pushing me along to aspiring to greater things.
  • Satin knickers could feel like a luxurious purchase when one is first considering buying a pair or two, but many buyers will find that they get extremely interested in this lingerie style after a few wears.