Sentence Examples

  • Many other fruits and vegetables contain moderate amounts of Vitamin K, including red cabbage, avocados, dill pickles, kiwi, lentils, kidney beans, cucumbers, leeks, celery, artichokes, peas, and plums.
  • A rich moisturizer that filters UV rays to prevent overexposure to the sun, Nurturing Day Lotion uses fresh kiwi cells, grapeseed extract and pomegranate extract to moisturize dry skin and make it appear more youthful.
  • New Zealand has also yielded many flightless birds, notably the numerous species and genera of Dinornithidae, some of which survived into the 19th century; Pseudapteryx allied to the Kiwi; Cnemiornis, a big, flightless goose; Aptornis and Notornis, flightless rails; and Harpagornis, a truly gigantic bird of prey with tremendous wings and talons.
  • In 1851 the first kiwi known to have reached England alive was presented to the Zoological Society by Eyre, then lieutenant-governor of New Zealand.
  • Of New Zealand, p. 362): "The kiwi is in some measure compensated for the absence of wings by its swiftness of foot.