Sentence Examples

  • The separation of kinematics from dynamics is due mainly to 0.
  • Plane Kinematics of a Rigid Body.The ideal rigid body, is one in which the distance between any two points is invariable.
  • ~ Three-dimensional Kinematics of a Rigid Body.The position of a rigid body is determined when we know the positions of three points A, B, C of it which are not colljnear, for the position of any other point P is then determined by the three distances PA, PB, PC. The nine co-ordinates (Cartesian or other) of A, B, C are subject to the three relations which express the invariability of the distances BC, CA, AB, and are therefote equivalent to six independent quantities.
  • Franz Reuleauxs Kinematics of Machinery, translated by Sir A.
  • Then, by an obvious law of kinematics, the angular motion round the earth would be most rapid at the point nearest the earth, that is at perigee, and slowest at the point most distant from the earth, that is at apogee.